Their advanced technology production centers allow the development of all the raised floor systems demanded by the market, their floor covering and accessories.



Polygroup is an international company very competitive at the world markets, that manufactures high quality raised access floor systems. 



Raised Access Flooring is a constructive solution to multiple areas of use that improve their functionality, their aesthetic and the manufacturing cost of a building.



 In this section you can find the raised access floor specification for each system which you can included in your project.   

led raised floor

At the head of green technology raised floor manufacturing

Our commitment to environment has placed our company as part of the US Green Building Council by manufacturing raised technical flooring systems that will add an important value to obtain LEED and energetic building classifications.

All our raised access floor systems manufacture is produced following the international rules to meet the highest quality, innovation and environmental-friendly requirements.

By a careful selection process of raw materials and following a manufacture method based on sustainability, we offer raised technical flooring solutions to any project, helping to the building construction and cutting down costs.



New Polyroup Project: Kpone Thermal Power Plant,Ghana


Kpone Thermal Power Plant (KTPP) is a public investment project from Ghana´s the Ministry of Energy, under the supervision of the Volta River Authority, in collaboration with German consulting FICNTNER and the local subsidiary of British construction Zakhem. The project is currently in its final phase and will be completed in mid-2016 with an investment near to 100 million dollars. The Power Plant is located in a coastal area, in the city of Kpone near Tema, Gulf of Guinea. The contract for the installation, testing and commissioning of two Alstom GT11N2 (EV) gas turbine generators and all associated auxiliary plus infrastructure EPC power plant. The plant will supply power to the national grid supplementing the existing hydro and thermoelectric capacity and ensure electricity supply in times of water shortage if there is failure of hydroelectric generation to meet basic needs.

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